President : Hidetoshi Tanaka

The Sport of Sumo has been an international sport of both competitors and audiences around the world for the past 17 years and continuing to grow.

Based on its venerable spirit as the professional sumo, the rules of amateur Sumo are the same. Its rules are simple, it is a fair sport Sumo and it is a sport participated and enjoyed by people from every walk of life. Sumo is often mistaken to be a sport restricted only to big and fat people, which is untrue.

High energy levels and mental strength are required and so development is made through diligent training ? to build up fitness of the body and cultivate the mind.

Amateur Sumo also provides participants with an opportunity to nurture speed, adroitness, agility, and is diversified into various weight categories, which has encouraged interest amongst many people of all sizes and different nationalities.

Hence the sport of Sumo is truly a worldwide-international sport. Since 1992, when the IFS established its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, the sport of Sumo has enjoyed international participation and currently has 87established National sumo Federation.

The IFS fully endorses the IOC’s Anti-Doping code and has adopted the new WADA anti-Doping regulations. The national federations and wrestlers are notified regularly about the prohibited list and other important anti-doping information, and the IFS carries out vigorous anti-doping checks at all major championships.

We continue to promote sumo by holding international training sessions and demonstrations both in Japan and abroad.

Our Women & Sports Commission is working hard to promote the sport for women and it was a great privilege for Women Sumo to be included in the 2005 Duisburg World Games and the 1st Junior Women Sumo World Championship was held in Rakvere, Estonia.

We are continuing to see an increase in the number of female athletes participating in Sumo, as well as at all levels of the organization, including the executive board and referee.

Lastly, I would like to express my deep gratitude to all national member federations both officials and athletes who support and endeavor to promote sumo in your country.

I wish the strongest wrestlers will be increasing numerous in many countries and regions.

Secretary General : Kazufumi Minami

It is my pleasure to serve as the new Secretary General of the International Sumo Federation.

I wish to work with all sumo fans from around the world to promote the traditional Japanese sport of Sumo to an international sport for everyone around the globe to enjoy.

Additionally, I shall work for IFS to become a stable and strong organization so that it will join the Olympic Games as an official sport in the near future. Thank you for your cooperation and support.